New Membership Prorated Schedule user August 3, 2023

A New Membership Application Fee of $100 *, must be included with your Elk’s Membership Application **. Annual Dues of $110 are due April 1st, covering the membership period of April 1st through March 31st. If you join after May 1st, you first year membership will be prorated per the schedule below.

April = $110
May = $99
June = $94
July = $88
August = $80
September = $73
October = $64
November = $53
December = $45
January = $38
February = $30
March = $110 ***

Note: Two (2) checks must accompany your Elk’s Membership Application. Have your Proposer sign the top of the Application.  If you do not have one we will be happy to propose you in the office. Please allow 30-44 days for completion of the membership process, which includes new member orientation and initiation.

* The New Membership Application Fees is discounted to $1 during the month of July.
** If you have previously been a member or are currently an active member member 
of another Elk’s lodge, please contact the Lodge Secretary for the appropriate form.
*** New memberships established in March are billed for the next membership year.

When your application fee is submitted and the prorated dues are paid, you will receive a temporary membership card and a letter giving you the Date, Time and Appropriate Dress for the Two meetings you will be required to attend both the Orientation and Initiation.  

If you have a problem meeting the scheduled dates and times, or have any questions, please contact the Lodge Secretary Office at (941) 769-4392 OR (941) 769-5275.

Peter Vaphiades
PDDGER Secretary

Proper dress for men: Dress pants/jacket, shirt and tie. Proper dress for women: Dress or dressy pant outfit